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Quality Bakers Since 1918

Being a small business, our owners, Manny and Fernando, work shoulder-to-shoulder with their employees, meaning the best quality of work is put into everything we do. Between the two, Manny and Fernando share about 60 years in joint experience working at Bernardino’s Bakery. We still service the community with fresh breads and fine pastries from the original founder’s store-front location.

Even though we run like a small business, Bernardino’s Bakery has the capabilities to run large production orders utilizing automation and proudly employing 60 workers throughout the company. We are a trusted co-packer of several businesses because we deliver the perfect quality, service, and prices. Some of the products we bake include: Portuguese Rolls, Onion Rolls, Grinder Rolls, Italian Bread, Rye Bread, Baguettes, Fine Pastry and much more.


Fun Fact: Bernardino’s Bakery holds a Guinness World Record for baking the world’s longest challah bread at 52 feet!

Bernardino's Food Safety Policy

Basically, we use science and really smart employees to make sure all your food is safe and tasty

We at Bernardino's Bakery are committed to producing safe, quality food products, of absolute consistency, unsurpassed quality and unparalleled value. We accomplish this by utilizing Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) to ensure consistent food safety. We promise to continuously improve and invest in our processes and practices through education, training, and auditing, in order to meet regulatory requirements and exceed the expectations of our customers. We offer our employees an environment characterized by respect, motivation, and opportunity, and we apply the highest ethical standards in the conduct of business with our employees, customers and vendors.


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